Thursday, December 10, 2009

Canal Transitting

Tomorrow, Friday the 11th, we transit the Panama Canal. It's kind of a big deal. If you're interested, you can catch us on live web cam (okay, it's more like still shots updated every few minutes) at sometime during the day.

On the site, you'll see options to view several cameras placed at strategic places throughout the transit. The order by which we'll pass each will be: Miraflores Locks, Centennial Bridge, and Gatun Locks. We'll begin our trip sometime around 7am East Coast time and will probably be to the Caribbean side sometime between the afternoon and the evening - but due to the unpredictability of the transit schedule, it's impossible to say where we'll be at any given time. So be hip and take the whole day off to watch us on this momentous journey. Or check in every now and again and try to get lucky - we'll be the big catamaran sitting in the middle of the locks, hopefully not getting run over by a 900 foot container ship.

We're really excited - wish us luck!


  1. Emily & Ben - this is awesome! I am so excited for you!!! I will be periodically checking the web cam since I am at home. Good luck and enjoy every second!! - Cousin Kate

  2. Way cool! I'll be watching! And I'm already imagining it looking like one of those stop-motion animation movies. Artsy. Try to look poignant as you're going over a lock. It'll help at Cannes. Super proud of you two for grabbing this dream and running with it. Really good work.

  3. Em and Ben! I've been having such a blast reading along with your adventures! You certainly are living the dream :) Can't wait to see both of you in 10 days!!!

  4. Ben,
    Greetings from Jim Herman. I thought I'd pass this along-it may help! I have a friend and his wife and daughter that right now (12/18)are in the San Blas Islands on their sailboat, LEASCOTIA and may be looking for crew to go to Cartagena for Christmas, then beyond. His website is and you can reach him through that. Hope you can use this info.